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   best possible traffic solution for Wokingham for the least overall environmental impact."

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Letter to Wokingham Times, published on 26th April 2006:

'Action needed to tackle traffic'

The Council has now produced a 500 plus page Local Transport Plan (LTP), which it has submitted to the Government, covering the years 2006 to 2011.

Careful reading of this fails to reveal any ideas whatsoever that would reduce the ever increasing flow of traffic through Wokingham Town.

In exchanges of e-mails with Councillor Anthony Pollock (Executive Member for Highways and Transport) he was unable to explain why; merely saying that he has several ideas but was not prepared to disclose them.

As no council in the past thirty years has managed to implement any reasonable scheme despite have considered very many, one can have little faith that the Councillor will be any more successful. (He still maintains that his idea for the elimination of the right hand turn into Broad Street for traffic coming up from Shute End would be advantageous ignoring the tremendous reasoned opposition to it last July.)

The only practical method of reducing the traffic flow through the town would be finally to implement a modified Ashridge Interchange, yet this was not even considered by the Council Planning Department for inclusion in the LTP.

One thing that the Finchampstead Road closure should have taught us is that as the traffic flow through Wokingham keeps increasing, shoppers will be more and more inclined to go elsewhere - much to the permanent detriment of the local shops.

Therefore a reduction in traffic is an absolute necessity if Wokingham is not to become a sterile shopping area town.

The web site gives extensive information on all aspects of this much needed project.

Will Councillor Pollock now, without prejudice, ask his planners to give serious consideration to it?

L D Roland

40, Froghall Drive.

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