Ashridge Interchange  

The Ship Inn from London Road, with Peach Street to the left

Market Place and Broad Street from Cockpit PathShute End looking northwards, with The Terrace on the right

   "The Ashridge Interchange Movement ('AIM') is a non-party organisation that exists to promote the
   best possible traffic solution for Wokingham for the least overall environmental impact."

            Tunnel Link from Ashridge to Reading Road 

Thames Valley Multi Modal Transport Study - Executive Summary

The U2 Tunnel: An example of what can be done, and how much it cost, from Stuttgart in Germany

Road Tunnels in the Stuttgart Region




ItThe site of Beches or Beeches Manor, facing 50 Reading Road is accepted that the Ashridge Interchange would force much extra traffic onto the A321 into Wokingham unless an alternative were provided.

This road is inadequate to take additional flows, and so it is suggested that a link road should be built under Council-owned land between Bell Foundry Lane and the old Beeches Manor site on the Reading Road.

Beeches Manor used to be an hotel which burned down many years ago, and the land has long been earmarked for a link road. It was on the line of the proposed Inner Distribution Road, and lies opposite the proposed Station Link road.

The tunnel, shown in yellow, could follow a line under Cantley Park and under the A321, emerging north of the Reading Road.









Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.


On the Continent, tunnelling is used much more heavily than in this country. Granted, it is expensive; but our local road system has got to the point where we can't take any more traffic.

Wokingham scores very highly on comparative surveys of lifestyles and quality of life, but road congestion is constantly mentioned as the major issue. Despite this drawback, the area is being asked to take yet more houses which would lead to even heavier traffic.

We believe we have a strong case to demand a moratorium on further house building until an adequate road infrastructure is in place. This tunnel would provide an essential link, while preserving the tranquil nature of the parkland above it.

To take one European city as an example, Stuttgart in southern Germany has many miles of road, rail and tram tunnels. It is in hilly terrain, and some of the tunnels exist to overcome the natural barriers. However, many others are on relatively flat land, and have been built purely to provide a better environment. There is a dual carriageway road under the city centre, along with several tram tunnels, but the impression in the centre is one of calm. The pedestrian area and parkland are extensively used for festivals.

Stuttgart recently built a tram tunnel, not much different in size from the one proposed from Ashridge to the Reading Road. It is more than a kilometre in length, and passes directly below the main cemetery. No bodies were disturbed during its construction! For costs and other details, click here.  



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