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   "The Ashridge Interchange Movement ('AIM') is a non-party organisation that exists to promote the
   best possible traffic solution for Wokingham for the least overall environmental impact."

                Tunnel - example from Europe

Stuttgart - a city region built on tunnels

The design and construction of the U2 Tram Tunnel - Acrobat document (in German)

UrbanRail - Stuttgart's transport system described

Stuttgart 21: A plan to replace the 16-track Main Railway Station and its approach lines with an 8-track tunnel (English text)

Stuttgart 21: Description in German, from Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)

Stuttgart Tram Tunnel - Route U2

Southern entrance to U2 tunnel

Brief information: completed in 2004; more than 1 kilometre long; cost around 15 million.  

Details of the U2 Tram Tunnel in Stuttgart translated from German:

New Section

Main cemetery - Steinhaldenfeld - Neugereut (1.75 km)

New stops

Steinhaldenfeld - 40m long medium platform
Neugereut - 80 m long medium platform

The Steinhaldenfeld Tunnel

Total length 1090m
Of which 940m mined in spray cement method
Of which 800 m double tracked profile, 70 m crossection flare/opening as crossing/crossover to two 70m long single tracked pipes (due to the increased/extended location of stops)110 m of open built Tunnel at the main cemetery - 40m in Steinhaldenfeld.

Maximum gradient of the New tunnel 6.8%
Covering with soil 10-15m (in the area of the cemetery)
Escape tunnelling in approx centre of tunnel 60 m long, starting via the stairway (14m high) at the edge of the main cemetery onto the Steinhalden street

Tunnel skin/covering (mined) average thickness 40cm


Total costs for the newly built section 43.5 million
Of which 21.5 million for building the tunnel and subsequent/necessary road works and pipe installation
Local and borough council will cover 85% of the total costs (contribution according to the Local Transport Financial Law (GVFG)


Click here for the U2 Press Release - in German.

Click here for an Acrobat document describing the tunnel construction process - in German.

For a really mind-boggling project, see what the German Railways want to do with the main station in Stuttgart. They want to replace a 16-platform terminus with an 8-line through route in tunnel, and convert the land now occupied by the station and its approach lines with parkland. That's something for Reading to aim for! Click here for the details (in German). There's also an article on the project, in English - click here.

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